Choosing the Right Real Cash Gaming Site is Important!

Playing online games act as a stress reliever. It’s a fun way to get a break from our monotonous life and an amazing way to refresh the mind. People of different age groups enjoy playing online games, as these games can be accessed from the comfort of the home.  A game involving multiplayer gets maximum entertainment as they exchange their ideas socially.

Play for real cash with Ace2Three

Users also often look for real –time thrill in online games. And, this real-time fun can be experienced only when you play for real money & take home real cash prizes. With so many sites available on the internet, users get confuse on which sites to opt to play the fun game & experience the real fun. And, that’s the reason we have come up with some solid key points where it is mentioned what to look before you register at these cash gaming sites –

Look at the sites that offer amazing bonus packages when you land on their website –

  • 100% Welcome bonus packages on registration
  • Refer a Friend – Bonus for every friend you bring onboard
  • Bonus for App Downloading
  • Customer Loyalty Program
  • Weekly Bonus Offers & Discounts
  • VIP clubs

There are also few things which one should look for before playing @ these cash gaming sites –

  • Check for the legality of the game, see whether it is based on luck or it’s a game of Skill. Game based on skills like Indian Rummy is legal in India.
  • Look at the player’s testimonials, what their review is?
  • Does the game App is available for Android & iOS devices?
  • Check whether the game is having mobile App for Android & iOS devices
  • The platform offering by the site is safe & secure with fair play policy.
  • Professional & Friendly Customer Services
  • Do they offer Quick cash withdrawal?

Play for Real Money @ Ace2Three – A Haven For Online Rummy Games

Ace2Three – India’s No.1 Rummy sites offers all the facilities which are mentioned above & players do win real cash prizes.  Being a game of skill, playing rummy card games online is completely legal in India except for few states (Assam, Nagaland, and Orissa). The user-friendly environment & stunning interface will amaze you and take you to the magical world of 13 card rummy games.

Worth your leisure time, with Ace2Three Real Money Mobile App!

10 Reasons to Play Rummy Card Games at Online Sites!

Playing card games has always been fun & delighted as it is the most inexpensive fun activity that can be played with friends or relatives. Now everything is just a click away with the advent of technology and so the 13 card game is. And, here I’ve got you 10 mesmerizing reasons to play rummy card games at online portals –

a.)    Eye-Pleasing User Interface

When you land at the first thing that will catch your eyes is the interface design. The smooth, user-friendly interface has been designed to make the users feel like playing at home. Play rummy and experience the fun game like never before.

b.)    100% Welcome Bonuses –

Registration is free and simple and when you do with Ace2Three, you get 5000 free chips to play free rummy games. Initially, play rummy for fun & when you feel like you have gained the skill start playing for real cash. Become a premium member by simply making your first purchase and get a welcome bonus of upto Rs.1700. This is the highest welcome bonus offered by any rummy sites.

c.)    Mobile App Download Bonuses

With the availability of Indian Rummy App for both Android and iOS devices, playing rummy has become wiser and easier. Rs.25 instant cash bonus is credited to your account when you download the App for the first time.

d.)    Safe and Secure Platform –

Ace2Three offers a unique platform which offers 100% safe and secure environment for any transactions. The data are encapsulated securely and are not shared with any third party and hence the payment mode is completely safe to use.

e.)    Refer a Friend Bonus –

Another way to earn some more cash into your account. Get your friends on-board and earn referral bonuses of Rs.1000 for each referral. Invite your friends as many as you want and start playing online rummy games together to make some extra cash bonuses out of it.

f.)    Rummy Game Variants –

With so many rummy variants like 101/201 Pool Games, Deals Rummy and Points Rummy players get a chance to choose from a wide range of options. Apart from these common 13 card rummy variants, Ace2Three offers private tables and Gun Shot which are a more advanced way of playing card games that add real fun to the game.

g.)    Special Tournaments –

With the bulk amount of tournament available for all the rummy lovers, players can win exciting cash prizes from these tournaments. Apart from daily, Freeroll and cash tournament, every day is special with Ace2Three’s Special Rummy Tournaments where there is a chance to win big cash prizes.

h.)    AcePoints –

A special loyalty rewards program where every player are rewarded with AcePoints. The higher the AcePoints, the higher you’ll enjoy the benefits, from a maximum bonus to the maximum discount.

i.)    Responsible Gaming –

With a fair policy, Ace2three ensure a safe gaming experience to all the online rummy users by protecting them with the adverse consequences of gaming. Games are monitored to protect from any fraudulent activities. Also, each player has daily & monthly purchase limit to ensure responsible gaming.

j.)    Quick Payouts –

Redeeming prizes into real cash is simple & easy with Ace2three. Being India’s number 1 rummy site, the withdrawal services is the quickest in the online rummy industry.

These exciting features show how Ace2Three stands unique in the crowd of the online rummy portal. So, why waiting? Create an Account today & enjoy the maximum benefits.


Freedom Tourney is Back – Brush Up Your Rummy Skills to Win Big!

Ace2three is back with the most awaited rummy tournaments for all the rummy lovers, giving them a chance to win parade of rewards on the occasion of Independence Day.  Worth winning Rs. 30 Lakhs in the prize pool will definitely excite every rummy player to join this freedom tourney and lead the board with their rummy skills.

This Freedom Tourney is one among the most successful tourneys of Ace2Three which is especially designed for all the Rummy enthusiasts to join the table & beat their competitors to grab the winning amount. A maximum of 20,000 players can participate in this tourney & top 1000 players will be considered as the winner of the game

The tourney is spread across 3 days and the main event will start on 13th of Aug 2016 & will remain till 15tth Aug’16. The registration for this tourney will open on 12th Aug’16 @ 3 PM.

Let’s have a look at the schedule –

freedom tourney schedule 1freedom tourney schedule 3freedom tourney schedule 2


Wow! An amazing chance to take home exciting cash prizes. Play from the comfort of your home by simply downloading the Ace2Three Rummy App available for both Android & iOS devices. Follow the true mantra of Rummy App – Play Anytime and Anywhere.

All the very best for this Freedom Tourney and Happy Playing!🙂

Everything One Should Know About Indian Mobile Gaming Market!

With the high number of increased mobile & tablet users, almost every company in India are focusing on mobile & are providing a satisfactory mobile experience. Traffic growth, revenue generation, reach, and engagement are higher in phones compared to desktops. This is the clear indication that in order to reach the target audience & make them stay on your website, one need to provide rich mobile experience to the users.

mobile gaming market - ace2three

Mobile devices & its users continue to grow, so here are some key points which everyone should know about Indian Mobile Gaming Market –

  1. India is a strong revenue market for the Mobile Gamers. According to Nasscom, approximately 40 to 50 million people play games on their phones or tablets. So, thus it can be concluded that India is the next powerhouse market for mobile gamers.
  2. With the availability of smartphones & tablets, people feel the power of accessing games is just a click away. Everyone look for the comfort of playing games from their home and with the availability of App for almost every games, people got the mantra of – “Playing Anytime & Anywhere”
  3. Foreign games like Candy crush, angry birds, temple run etc… are very popular among Indian gamers. So, to compete with the western games, Indian gaming companies are bringing traditional Indian games like Teen Patti, Indian Rummy to reconnect Indians with the long lost traditional games.
  4. 81% of people prefer Android OS devices over Windows & iOS, thus there are a strong number of people using Google Play store for downloading the App.
  5. India is a diverse country with different culture & languages, & hence in order to successfully run any app, one need to follow the key role of translating the app into regional languages & promoting the same.

Wrapping Up –

Western Games has a different impact & craze on Indian Gamers due to which the traditional Indian Games had lost its presence somewhere. And to bring the feel of traditional Indian games, “Ace2Three – An online rummy portal” was launched which allows players from different locations from all over India to join at a single platform and play 13 card games for free and cash.

The motive behind introducing Ace2Three was to reconnect common man with the long lost traditional classical Indian Rummy game. With more than 65 lakhs players, Ace2Three is the first choice for the rummy lovers. Being the No.1 & trusted rummy website, Ace2Three offers every new member with 5000 free chips to play free rummy games & a welcome bonus package of Rs. 1700 on the first purchase.

Be a part of Ace2Three by simply registering today! See you on our side.🙂


Online Rummy V/S Offline Rummy – Which One is Better?

The confusing question – which one is better “Online Rummy or Offline Rummy”? Though, both has its own pros and cons. But when analyzed properly, playing rummy card games online is a better choice over offline one. Playing rummy offline may lead to the bad shuffling of cards, cheating, errors in point calculation, and arguments over winning cash prizes. But in Online rummy, you do not need to worry about anything as the automated software will solve all the problems – from shuffling the cards to point calculation.

online rummy better than offline rummy

And, we have got few major points that totally convey – online rummy is better than offline rummy. So, check them out below –

a.)    Welcome Bonuses & Premium Benefits –

Unlike local casinos, the online rummy portal offers you with big welcome bonus packages whenever a new player get registered with the sites. Also, they offer free chips to play free games online to understand the basics of the game – how to play, game variants, rules, tournaments etc… And, once you feel like you have understood the game, then play for real cash as the real thrill comes when you play for real money.

b.)    Different Game Variants –

Online rummy comes with varieties which add double flavor to the game. Pool games, Points Rummy, Deals Rummy and Gun Shot are some of the rummy variants by Ace2Three – India’s No.1 Rummy Portal. Select any of the game variants, and start playing 13 card games for fun & entertainment.

c.)    Safe and Secure Environment –

When playing rummy online, the seating arrangement is random & therefore no control over the selection of a table. The 13 cards dealt to you are generated from a random number generator & also providing a 100% secure environment for your transactions. Don’t worry, your credentials are in safe hands!

d.)    Rewards & Prizes –

Online rummy provides you with several bonuses & offers like – welcomes bonuses, app download bonuses, weekly deals, discounts, refer and earn bonuses etc… When you avail all these facilities, you can earn some extra bucks in your account.

e.)    Comfortable to play anywhere –

13 card games can be played anytime and anywhere and on any devices – smartphones, tablets or desktops. The Rummy App has been designed in such a way that it adapts any layout design irrespective of the screen size.

Concluding Lines –

With everything being shifted to online, people are fond of playing games online rather than offline. And the main reason behind this is “Accessibility”. No matter where you are, for playing a game of Rummy, you do not have to wait for anyone. Simply log in to the India’s No.1 Rummy Site – and join a table to start playing rummy card games for free and cash.


How Ace2Three Stands Unique in the Crowd of Other Rummy Websites?

With so many Rummy sites available on the Internet offering different bonuses, deals and discounts, it’s difficult for any rummy website to stand unique in the crowd. But, Ace2Three is one among all the rummy portal that offers unique services to the rummy lovers.

We have mentioned all the points which make Ace2Three totally different from other rummy portals.

a.)    Amazing & Big Welcome bonuses –

Ace2Three welcomes you all with a big welcome bonus package of Rs. 1700. Once you get registered, it offers you 5000 free chips to play free rummy games online. The smooth & hassle-free user journey will take you the world of rummy card games & once you get registered, you’ll be offered with Rs. 1700 welcome bonus on your first purchase.

ace2three - rummy

b.)    Real Cash App –

With Ace2Three Rummy App, playing rummy anywhere & anytime has become the ultimate mantra for every rummy lovers. This Ace2Three Real Cash App offers you a Rs.25 instant cash bonus when you download the Rummy App. It is absolutely free to download & is available on Google Play and App store. You can also give missed call to any of these numbers “1800 123 9960” or “080 67 33 18 77” and receive the download link of the App.

c.)    Ace Points –

Ace2Three offers the best rummy loyalty program – A unique Player Rewards Program where the player can earn 1 AcePoints for every 100 rupees when playing on Ace2Three for real cash. Upgrade your Ace levels from Bronze to Platinum by earning AcePoints and redeem them later into cash prizes.  Also, participate in the AcePoints Tournaments where you can compete with your Ace Level buddies and win real cash prizes.

d.)    Special Tournaments –

Special Tournaments are the most exciting tourneys for every rummy enthusiasts as it not only comes at festive season or weekends but it also brings a chance to win a good amount of cash prizes from a big prize pool. Here are some of the Ace2Three tourneys which are the part of Special Tournaments –

  • Mega Wednesday
  • Super Saturday
  • Thank God It’s Sunday
  • Ace Level
  • The Grand Knockout Tournament
  • Smart Tourneys
  • Rush Tourneys.

Participate in any of these tourneys & get a chance to win big.

e.)    More than 6 million players –

Ace2Three is the most trusted rummy portal in India with more than 6 million rummy players playing rummy games for free and cash & earning money online. Ace2Three offers the most secure environment to play rummy online & the transactions are done through standard ethical procedures. Thus, being India’s No. 1 Rummy Site.

Then, why waiting? Join Ace2Three & invite your friends to play a game of rummy & earn some referral bonus in your account. See you soon on our side!

Excellent Reasons to Choose Ace2Three as your Rummy Partner!

Be it boring weekends or a family get-together, a game of Rummy has always filled joy in the boring life. Entertainment and fun are just a click away. And, so the online rummy is! Yes, Rummy can be played online with real players for free as well as for real cash. This 13 card game can be played directly from the comfort of your home either on desktop, tablets or smartphones.

Ace2Three – India’s No. 1 Rummy Site offers a safe & secure platform to play Rummy online with live players. The interface design is so smooth that will make you feel like playing at home. More than 6+ million subscribed players play Indian Rummy at Ace2Three. So why not join them & have some real time fun!

Must be thinking – Why should I Choose Ace2Three for playing rummy online? Look at the below Infographics where it is clearly mentioned as what are the awesome reasons for choosing Ace2Three as your Rummy partner. And, you’ll find your answer.

reasons to choose ace2three - infographics

Loved this Infographics? Then, do the good deed now! Share this wonderful piece of information with your friends & relatives and invite them to play a game of rummy at Ace2Three. We treat with nice referral bonuses for bringing new players for us!