What’s The Deal with “Play for Free” Game Concept?

Understanding the Freemium Concept

Freemium is defined as a combination of two words – Free & premium and it describes a model where the free version of the product is used by a large group of user and the premium i.e. paid version of the product is used by a small user base.

For any product, a service is offered for free to its customers with limited features but later the premium value is charged for providing an enhanced and rich services to the customer i.e. paid for full version. This is how a freemium model is defined.

In the same way, freemium games are available on the digital platform as nothing attracts a gamer more than the word “Play For Free” and thus it gains popularity.

Benefits of Freemium games–

  • The need for pirated version is eliminated
  • Gamers get the chance to explore the game and play it as much as they want without any restrictions
  • Available on different platforms and are free to download.
  • Lots & Lots of users are attracted towards the game.

In order to grab the attention of the gamers “Download for Free” is used, as “Payment” can be a big hurdle for them. Games which are free to play gives a nice exposure to the users for better understanding while exploring the game.

Traditional Indian Card Game –

No doubt, foreign games have taken the gaming industry by storm and the Indian users are very much fond of it. And, to connect Indian users with the traditional Indian games, Ace2Three – An online Indian rummy platform was launched where players across the country join the table to show their real-time skills.  Unlike freemium games, which restrict users to play the game after a certain level, Ace2Three comes in two version – Play for Fun & Play for cash.


“Play for fun” Online Rummy App is designed for the new players to understand the game & play for free as much as you want. Once the account is created 500 chips are credited to your account & these free chips can be reloaded as many times as you want. To play for real cash, download the “Play for Cash App” and get Rs.25 instant cash bonus. Simply, create an account, verify your phone number to get the bonus amount.- http://articles.abilogic.com/188437/what-deal-play-free-game.html

5 Mistakes in Rummy That Make You Look Dumb!



a.) Not Keeping Eye on Opponent’s Cards –

It usually happens that players tend to ignore the card picked & discarded by the opponent.

Be very cautious, if the player is drawing the card discarded by you,  and make sure  you do not discard the further cards that he might pick up. Watch your cards, arrange them accordingly and discard the useless one.

b.) Overindulge in the Game

There are some players who cannot resist themselves to leave the table even if they get a bad hand back to back. They wait for the opponent to drop the game instead analyzing their cards & take action immediately. Though, patience is one main key to remain in the game and wait for the right card to arrange them. But it is highly advisable to drop the game if the cards are not the desirable one.

c.) No Peace of Mind –

Do not let your emotions get the best of you and the same is followed in the Indian rummy games. Winning & losing is a part of the game and one should not get sensitive about it. Instead, take a break, refresh your mind & then start the game.

d.) Not Enough Mature to Play High Stake Games

Players who are new to the world of rummy games, often end up in losing high stake tables. To hone the rummy skill, one need to be very quick in arranging, drawing and discarding the cards and this comes only with the hours of practice and watchful eyes. Practice free rummy games in beginner tournaments and when you feel you have honed the skill, join the high stake tables.

e.) Confused with the Rules, Cards & Joker

The first thing a player should understand is the basic rules of the game on how to form the valid set and how to use the Joker & cut-Joker intelligently to form a non-pure set. It is always suggested to go through the game rules, watch the demo video’s on how to play the game and then give your best shot.

Well, these are the few mistakes which are often committed by rummy players and hope after reading this article you’ll surely work on your skill and rectify your flaws. Practice free rummy games online at Ace2Three – a secure platform for playing nonstop Indian Rummy online and become the master of the game.


Play Card Games Online & Experience the Real Fun!

Indian card games have always been played for fun, thrill, and entertainment. Rummy is the third most popular card game after Teen Patti and Poker and are played by a large number of crowd. People play rummy for entertainment as well to earn some amount of bucks in their leisure time.


Legality of the game –

Being a mere game of skill, playing rummy games online is legal to play and are excluded from the law prohibiting gambling or betting.  However, players from Assam, Nagaland, and Orissa are restricted to play at Ace2Three.

Know the Game to Play Better

Indian rummy is a game of arranging 13 cards in the proper sequences where a pure life is a mandatory set. To be in a game until the end, one need to remember the basic rules of the game and should stick to it, no matter what rummy game type it is.

  • Make a pure sequence as soon as the 13 cards are dealt.
  • Discard the high-value cards at the earliest
  • Drop the game if the hand is not good.
  • Use Joker intelligently to form a set

Know how to play cards rummy, watch the demo videos of rummy and start playing for free at Ace2Three. Register now to get 5000 free chips to play free rummy games.

Refresh Your Mood by playing a game of Rummy

The user-friendly interface will definitely amaze you and take you to the magical world of rummy card games. The visuals and sound quality is what makes Ace2Three the No.1 choice of rummy enthusiasts. Playing card games online relieves you from the hectic schedule and refreshes your mood.

  • Acts as a stress reliever and is the best time-pass activity
  • The interface design will make you feel like playing at home
  • A fun way to take a break from your monotonous life.
  • Make your leisure time into worth winning cash prizes.
  • Experience the real time thrill with real players.
  • Master the game of rummy & become a pro!

Come & Join a platform where more than 7 million players are waiting for you to play rummy games online for free and cash. Participate in Special Tournaments, compete with your opponents and win loads of cash prizes. Enjoy these premium benefits and be a VIP member at Ace2Three to earn more rich rewards.

Source – http://www.sooperarticles.com/gaming-articles/experience-real-fun-13-card-games-online-1533517.html

Play Rummy Like a Pro With These Tricks!

Every game come with its own strategies to play and so the online Indian Rummy is. The amateur player often gets confuse how to make a valid set and end up being a loser.  Read this blog article to know how to play rummy like a pro and become the master of the game.


Follow these tips for playing rummy as professional players –

  • Don’t forget the basic rules of rummy. Try forming the pure sequence first.
  • 13 Card Rummy is a mere game of skill & is predominant over luck.
  • When the cards are dealt, your prime focus should be on making a pure sequence first and then on the other sets
  • Use JOKER to make a non-pure life sequence. Try using Joker wisely.
  • Being a game of Skill, it is completely legal to play in India except for the players of Assam, Nagaland and Orissa are restricted to play.
  • Got a bad hand? Quit immediately.
  • Play for fun and entertainment and not for the source of income
  • Cards such as Ace, King, Queen and Jack should be discarded initially to avoid getting the higher number of scores.
  • Value middle number cards as it is easy to create the sequence with these cards.

Ace2Three – An Online Space for Skilled Players!

Ace2Three.com, a product of Head Infotech India Pvt. Ltd strives to provide an exhilarating gaming experience to all the skilled players across the country. A wide range of rummy variants will keep you occupied and the rich rewards act as a lure to attract gamers. Premium rewards are offered to the winners through our Quick Payout services.

Ace2Three ensures fair gaming experience by providing safe security measures to each and every player and protect them from any adverse consequences.  Players below 18 years of age are not allowed to play rummy card games online at Ace2Three and players above 21 years of age are only allowed to play for real cash.

Join the Fun Crowd Now!

More than 7 million active players are participating in various games and tourneys. Join them and feel the world class gaming experience of 13 card games.  Bring your friend onboard and earn some extra cookie in your account. At private Tables, you can play rummy games with your own friends and relatives with your own game type and bet value.

Avail these benefits by simply becoming a premium member at Ace2Three and enjoy to the maximum.

Source – http://www.sooperarticles.com/gaming-articles/online-gaming-articles/follow-these-moves-play-rummy-like-pro-1530008.html

Questions That Strikes to Every New Rummy Players!

Questions That Strikes to Every New Rummy Players!

Here are the few questions that pops up in the mind of every new rummy players –

Who are allowed to Sign Up at The Rummy Site?

  • Players less than 18 years of age are restricted to play rummy at the online portal.
  • Real cash games can be played only by players who are above 21 years of age.
  • Players from Assam, Nagaland and Orissa are not allowed to play at Ace2Three.
  • Is it safe to play for real cash?
  • The transactions are done in a secure environment & are encrypted with 2048-bit SSL. The Information stored are highly confidential and ensured that it is not shared by any third party.
  • Games are monitored closely to avoid any fraudulent activities. Anti-fraud algorithm tracks every move of the player and anti-collusion measures are taken before, after and during every game.

Is it legal to play Rummy Online in India?

Being a mere game of skill, Indian Rummy is considered to be legal in India.

  • In rummy games, skill is a predominant factor than luck.
  • To win a game of rummy, one need to know the basic rules & how to form the valid set.
  • Thus, Indian Rummy is a game of skill where people joins a single platform to share their common interest.

Is online rummy different from traditional Indian rummy?

The online version of rummy is similar to the traditional way of playing. But, a wide range of rummy games is available in online portals. Some of the widely played rummy Variants by Ace2Three –

  • Pool Games – 101 & 201
  • Points Rummy
  • Deals Rummy – Best of 2 & Best of 3
  • Gun Shot, and
  • Private Tables

Is there any Rummy Tournaments?

Rummy Sites offer various tournaments which are conducted daily, weekly and on festive occasions.  Freeroll and Beginner tournaments are designed for the players who are new to the world of online rummy games and want to become a pro in rummy. These tourneys don’t require any entry fee but the winners can win real cash prizes.

Special Tournaments such as Smart Tourney, Mega Wednesday, TGIS and Short Stack are few tourneys where a large number of participants joins & win real cash prizes.

Why Join Ace2Three – India’s No.1 Rummy Site

Download the Indian Rummy App & the interface will make you feel like playing at home. An instant cash of Rs.25 will be credited to your account when you download the App. Play for real cash & feel the real thrill with Ace2Three.


Diwali Rummy Tournament – Play Rummy Games & Win Big!

Here comes the most-awaited tourney of the year – Diwali Rummy Tournament for all the rummy lovers with the biggest prize pool of Rs.1 Crore.  The event days for this tourney is from 4th Oct – 29th Oct where players from across the country will come together on a single platform to show their rummy talent. It’s time to beat your competitor with your real rummy skills & grab some worth cash prizes.


What’s Special about Diwali Tourney –?

The Diwali Rummy Tournament is further categorized into three tourneys –


Sparkler Tourneys – A Prize pool of Rs. 40 Lakhs where the first winner will be rewarded with Rs.71,650 cash prizes.  Participate in this tourney which is going to be conducted on every Monday and Wednesday @3 PM.


Rocket Tourneys – A tourney with Rs.30 Lakhs in the prize pool & the first winner be will reward with Rs. 1 Lakhs worth cash prizes. The event day for this tourney is every Saturday @ 3 PM.


Grand Diwali Tourneys – The Final and Ultimate Grand Diwali Tourney to be conducted on October 29th @ 3 PM where the first winner will be awarded the cash prizes of Rs. 10 Lakhs.

Wow! This is going to be the ultimate rummy tournaments in the Online Rummy Industry.

About Ace2Three –

The most trustworthy and the largest rummy website when it comes to playing rummy card games online. And the fun becomes double when you get a lot of benefits & rich rewards. Get registered to enjoy these benefits –

  • 100% Welcome bonus upto Rs.1700
  • Refer & Earn – Rs.1000 for each reference.
  • Get Rummy App Download Bonus – Rs. 25 instant cash bonus
  • Free entry to all the tournaments for premium members
  • Play real cash games & earn AcePoints.

How to Register for the Tournament?–

  • New Players shall create their account at Ace2Three & make their first purchase become a premium member.
  • Existing players can login to their account through desktop/mobile.
  • In the game lobby, click on the “Tournaments” tab.
  • Find the “Diwali” tab and click on it.
  • Click on “Register” button in green color which is open for your registration to get registered to the tournament.

So, join the fun crowd and win exciting cash prizes this Diwali.


Winning Real Cash is Easy with Ace2Three Rummy!

Moving from the traditional way of playing 13 card games to online rummy, the virtual reality has become one of the sources to earn instant cash money by simply sitting and playing rummy card games from the comfort of the home. Simply, keep your presence online from anywhere across the country and play skillfully to be the winner of the game.

10 FEB 012 25Free_01.png

Playing real cash games is the gateway for earning some extra bucks in a short period time while having fun. Thinking about the legality of the game? Don’t worry, the game is considered to be legal in India and doesn’t come under betting or gambling. Except for the players from Assam, Orissa and Nagaland are restricted to play on Ace2Three.

The real excitement and fun come only when you play for real cash. And that’s easy with Ace2Three as building a profile is simple and you get 5000 play chips for free to play free rummy games. Play free games as much as you want & when you gain the skill of playing rummy, then  play for real cash & beat your competitors.

How to become a Premium Player –

Players who buy real chips becomes the premium member of Ace2Three. Upgrade yourself from regular to the premium player and get access to all the special tournaments being conducted every now and then where the prize pool is huge.

Purchase real chips securely through debit cards, credit cards, net banking and by other facilities and get 100% welcome bonus upto Rs. 1700.

Play for Real Cash in Multi- Table Tournaments –

Once you are done with purchasing real chips and become a premium member, you can participate in various multi-table tournaments where you can win lots of exciting cash prizes.

Only premium member of Ace2Three are eligible to play multi-table tourneys where to play and win cash is the ultimate mantra to follow.

Here are the following Multi Table Tournaments –

  • Cash Tournaments – Player use their real chip balance to buy-in to these tourneys
  • Freeroll Tournaments –Join for free & win real cash prizes
  • Special Tournaments – Conducted on major festivals & on the weekend where a large no. of participants compete for the prize pool.
  • AcePoints Tournaments – Players use their AcePoints to buy-in to these tourneys
  • Beginner Tournaments – Designed for the newly converted premium player to enhance their rummy skills.